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z-push outlook sync software

I just installed z-push v1.2.1 on myweb server.
This allows me to check my “inbox” with the sync feature of my SDA win mobile smartphone.
I currently using the IMAP backend, so I can only “sync” email, but I plan on getting zarafa installed for calendar and contacts.

z-push config.php


define('IMAP_SERVER', 'mymail');
define('IMAP_PORT', 993);
define('IMAP_OPTIONS', '/ssl/novalidate-cert');
define('IMAP_SENTFOLDER', 'Sent');

backend/imap.php mods

To get it to sync I had to fix the path delimeter code that was converting “/” to “.”

This involves changing all implode/explode calls with “.” to “/”
and removing all str_replace “.” calls

Other myweb changes

  1. fixed UW IMAP by creating /etc/ with set mail-subdirectory mail
  2. enabled ssl access to apache
  3. generated a myweb.linux.bogus cert and installed on SDA
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