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dvd-slideshow flv for youTube

In an effort to improve the quality of my utube posted Slideshows I discovered a few things.

1) uTube allows unaltered submission of any flv video content limited only by a duration of 10:00 min., and bitrate of 350Kbbs. This means any size video from 320×240 to 1024×768 or larger? and any frame rate from 1 to 30 fps.

2) With this in mind I went about regenerating my slideshows with dvd-slideshow Ver 0.8.1-svn using the options
-mp2 -flv -s 1024×768 -r
This uses ffmpeg to generate the Flash flv video file.

3) I expermented with various options for convert and ffmpeg to reduce the bitrate(<350Kbbp) and achieve the highest level of quality possible. The primary factors to acheive these goals were to add

a) -noise 1 to the imagemagick convert line(s)
(this reduces the high frequency image noise in the converted image)

b) add -sc_threshold -100000 -sameq to the flv ffmpeg line
(this allows for scene change detection to generate a new I-frame for each new image)

c) I also changed
as well as seting the audio bitrate to 64k during the flv multiplex phase

In an effort the simplify and reduce the duration of my slideshows, I removed all transition effects and reduced the slide time to 8 seconds. I was able to generate flv slideshows of 1024×768 with bitrates <300K

When I attempted to reduce the slide durations to 4 sec for my Niles Car show, the bandwidth was to high and I had to reduce the movie size to 800×600.

TODO: Verify that other framerates has minimal impact upon the movie quality/bitrate.

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