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flac to mp3/cd

So I needed to convert some flac files to mp3, then for fun burn an audio cd.

  1. Convert flac files to mp3’s using my script
    mkdir mp3 -d mp3/ -p extreme *.flac
  2. Convert flac files to wav (for CD) with flac
    mkdir wav
    flac -d –output-prefix=wav/ *.flac
  3. Burn CD from a cue file that points to wave files
    cdrecord -v -raw96r -text cuefile=Disc1.cue

If you have a good cue file with CDTEXT in it that should generate a valid Audio CD.

You can also generate a Audio CD with data (CD-Extra Multisession) as well. But it seems CDTEXT is not possilbe then.

  1. Burn wav files in multisession mode with
    cdrecord -v speed=8 -multi -audio Disc1/wav/*
  2. Create an iso image or your data with some info from the partialy burned disk
    mkisofs -V MyDisk -v -r -J -C $(cdrecord -msinfo) -o d1.iso –graft-points Disk1/=Disc1/mp3s/ Disk2/=Disc2/mp3s/
  3. Finally burn this image on that disk
    cdrecord -v -tao -data d1.iso

Note: This closes the disk, so that no more data can be appended.

Now this disk can be played in a CDTEXT aware player, as well as the data accessed by a computer.

The Multisession disk solution comes from

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